Executive Presence

What is it that sets some people apart from others? You know it when you see it. What they say and do resonates. Executive Presence is all about the way you show up and how people “experience” you. It’s the intangible quality successful and talented people have that creates an impact, so others respond and want to follow.

Developing Executive Presence requires 1) a willingness to own who you are and 2) a commitment to crafting a personal vision for your career. Above all, it demands that you be authentic.

Our coaching enables clients to dramatically improve their ability to deliver stronger presentations, and be more effective managing clients, running meetings and influencing others.

“Successful leaders know how to compose a vision, orchestrate a plan, and inspire others to perform and deliver results.”

— Steven Yorra

The Illumination Group is an invaluable resource — Steven expertly coached me on how to improve managing my group and elevating my executive presence. This has strengthened my leadership effectiveness within both the creative team and business groups. Through his support and guidance, my level of influence within the organization has escalated far beyond what I ever thought was possible!

Design Operations Director, Global Retailer | New York

Steven is an exceptional business strategy consultant and executive coach. He worked closely with me to help create a vision for my new company. Steven knows how to ask the right questions, challenge me, and help me solve a huge range of “I don’t know how” moments so I could stay focused and optimistic.
Nina Lawrence

Principal, Luxury Media Collection, LLC | New York