David Lees – Professional Coaching & Workshops



Professional Coaching

People sense that David Lees’ coaching style for professionals has an added dimension. He goes deeper than most. David looks for “what makes you tick” – and when he finds it, he helps you creatively envision what’s possible. David’s private coaching sessions are insightful, reassuring and motivating, to help you confidently face your immediate career challenges. Coaching is offered either in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Benefits include:

Career Direction confidence

Targeted Resumes, LinkedIn & Marketing Materials

Masterful Interviewing skills

Action Plans for advancing your career

Increased Self Awareness & Confidence

Renewed optimism

New Job Possibilities

Accelerated Clarity and Focus

Workshops & Public Seminars

If you’re seeking greater clarity or searching for a new career direction, David’s workshops and seminars will inspire you to move forward at every stage of your career. He is determined to help you whether you are learning about new career directions, improving your interviewing technique or desiring to better market yourself . . . and he’ll give you innovative tools to immediately put to use.


Private Workshops are at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and central mid-town locations in NYC.

Public Seminars are at The Science, Industry & Business Library (SIBL), NYS Department of Labor, Varick Street, branches of the New York Public Library in all 5 boroughs and at SAGEWorks, in Manhattan.

“There is a unique ‘thread’ present in everything you do. I’ll help you see it, tap into it, own it, sell it and live it — to be more fulfilled with your career and life.”

— David Lees

Since November 2008, The Illumination Group’s “Personal Core Branding” Workshops have helped hundreds of Labor Department clients gain confidence, develop job search strategies, and most importantly give them a real sense of hope. Your efforts to help our clients brand themselves, stand out, network and interview more effectively, have made a real impact. Thank you for your time, support and making a real difference in the lives of so many people.
Barbara Ulrich

New York State Department of Labor | New York

David works with our Professional Women’s Group members who are in the process of transforming their lives. In the workshops, the women learn tools to be the best they can be everyday and they are given hope, confidence and encouragement. They leave the workshops with a renewed sense of self, ready to achieve new levels of success in business and in life. Dress for Success is truly grateful to benefit from The Illumination Group.

Joi Gordon

CEO, Dress for Success Worldwide | New York

David is a one of a kind genius! His keen intuition in unearthing each client’s individual strengths and providing the right tools to cultivate and promote these strengths, is unsurpassed.

Wendy Kram

Founder, L.A. FOR HIRE | Los Angeles

David is amazing — he understands me as an artist and is masterful at guiding my creativity and business to new heights.


Founder, Kenzo Digital | New York