Career Transition

We empower our clients to pivot and position themselves for their next career chapter – whether it’s to continue their corporate career, strike out on their own as a consultant, or reinvent themselves as an entrepreneur.

We’ve worked with hundreds of executives and professionals from diverse industries including entertainment, advertising and media, retail and fashion, financial services, consumer products and non-profit organizations.

Whether beginning a career, advancing to a new role, looking to make a change, or starting a new job — we help clients identify their unique value, envision what they want next, and present their “story” so they stand out. Our goal is to empower our clients to own who they are and be more intentional about not just landing the next job, but successfully managing the rest of their career.

For those looking for a new job, we craft compelling stories and messaging, consistently delivered and showcased — from resume, cover letter, using social media, when networking and interviewing, to negotiating the final offer. We also help our clients craft website copy, business plans and marketing presentations to help them reach their goals.

“It’s all about positioning yourself for success.”

— Steven Yorra

When I decided to take the leap away from the corporate world and launch my own business, Steven was an amazing resource. He understood not only the business opportunity, he guided me in setting up just the right sort of company for my needs. From helping me market and write my website to advising me on fees, client acquisition, and time management, Steven taught me how to build a successful business!
Alex Bandon

Principal, North River Renovation Management | New York

Steven truly helped change the course of my life. He worked with me to identify and articulate my core skills and reframe them in such a way to redefine myself, pivoting into a new — and growing — industry. I found him to be thoughtful, warm, intuitive, and always inspiring.
Nina Willdorf

Principal, The Supan Group | San Francisco

Steven’s guidance and hands-on coaching approach helped me recover quickly from the impact of being let go from a high-profile management role, and reposition myself for a turn in my career that has paid off in spades. It will be the best time and investment you can make.
Neal Bailly

Sr. Director of Web Development, NYC Media Company,

Steven’s coaching made the difference as I transitioned into a new OD role that required facing a series of challenges. He helped me focus my priorities, mobilize relationships, and execute with greater impact. In addition to his business-savvy approach, Steven supported and encouraged me in a way that inspired my personal growth as well. I feel lucky to have worked with Steven!”

Anika Gakovic, PhD

Management Development, Financial Services Organization | New York