“The Illumination Group has helped us to significantly strengthen our leadership team. The coaching assistance for our key staff members has had a very positive impact on their development, and as a result on our company overall. Each of them is very talented and dedicated, but needed more guidance with respect to their professional development. We will look to The Illumination Group again, as our company continues to grow.”

Ronald A. Cuccaro, President & CEO, Adjusters International, New York

“As my executive coach, Steven has been invaluable in helping me strategize new ways to expand my business, recruit more effectively and motivate my employees. My growing team is now energized and more collaborative. Most of all, he’s insightful and a terrific sounding board for me, yet he challenged me when I really needed it.”

John Murphy, President, Murphy PR, New York

“Steven has a knack for asking the questions that others are thinking but are reluctant to ask. He brings this curiosity and huge insight to the work he does for us coaching executives with varying needs and objectives. Steven is able to leverage experience and objectives to create a cohesive plan for change and in doing so creates real value for these executives.”

Mike Willard, COO, HR organization, New York

“Steven has been instrumental in helping in my new senior marketing role.  He is an incredible coach, advisor and an experienced marketer with a true understanding of brand building.  He has challenged me to think more strategically, guided me to improve the performance of the marketing department, and championed my own aspirations as a leader.”

SVP, Entertainment Marketing, New York

“The Illumination Group is an invaluable resource for any person wanting to manage their own career and maximize their potential. Together they helped me focus and communicate my innate strengths. Steven and David, while supporting me to improve managing my group, also gave me the tools to elevate my executive presence. This has improved my leadership effectiveness within both the creative team and business groups. Through their support and guidance, my level of influence within the organization has escalated far beyond what I ever thought was possible. Thank you, Steven and David!”

Design Operations Director, Global Retailer, New York

“David did a masterful job of preparing our staff for our whatcanbe workshop – our proprietary process for fostering creativity and growth. He entertained as he stretched participants, helping each of us imagine the possibilities and explore the uncomfortable… I applaud and highly recommend David as a motivator and creative coach. He did a remarkable job for CRT/tanaka. No doubt, we will use his valuable services again.”

Mark Raper, Chairman & CEO, CRT/tanaka



Words cannot begin to express how highly I regard Steven Yorra and David Lees’ work of The Illumination Group. They are geniuses at what they do. Their marketing savvy, combined with keen intuition in unearthing each client’s individual strengths and providing the right tools to cultivate and promote these strengths, is unsurpassed.  Since working with them, I have grown my entertainment consulting company internationally to over 40 clients worldwide. If you have the chance to work with them, do it now.

Wendy Kram, Owner, L.A. FOR HIRE, Los Angeles
Producer “Mad Money” with Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah & Katie Holmes

“Strategic, realistic, compassionate, and tenacious. Steven and David are not only intuitive and relentless in the pursuit of professional discovery and reinvention for their clients, but passionate throughout the entire process. The introspection with regard to peeling away the layers of experience and challenges one is faced with when making a major career change surpassed my expectations completely. Whether you are an executive or creative spirit, The Illumination Group can help even the most unconventional candidate transform themselves into a new chapter in your career, life or business venture.”

Nicole Von Klencke, Berlin

“Steven has been instrumental in helping in my new senior marketing role.  He is an incredible coach, advisor and an experienced marketer with a true understanding of brand building.  He has challenged me to think more strategically, guided me to improve the performance of the marketing department, and championed my own aspirations as a professional.”

SVP, Entertainment Marketing, New York

“Since November 2008, The Illumination Group’s “Personal Core Branding” Workshops have helped hundreds of Labor Department clients gain confidence, develop job search strategies, and most importantly give them a real sense of hope. Your efforts to help our clients brand themselves, stand out, network and interview more effectively, have made a real impact. Thank you for your time, support and making a real difference in the lives of so many people.”

Barbara Ulrich, New York State Department of Labor, New York

“These guys are amazing – they understand me as an artist and are masterful at guiding my creativity and business to new heights.”

Kenzo, Founder, Kenzo Digital, New York

“David works with our Professional Women’s Group members who are in the process of transforming their lives. In the workshops, the women learn tools to be the best they can be everyday and they are given hope, confidence and encouragement. They leave the workshops with a renewed sense of self, ready to achieve new levels of success in business and in life. Dress for Success is truly grateful to benefit from The Illumination Group.”

Joi Gordon, CEO, Dress for Success Worldwide, New York

“Steven helped me to quickly clarify my career goals and objectives and to key into strengths and selling points that would be most valuable to prospective employers.  Ultimately, Steven’s coaching was instrumental in me securing an important position with a top flight organization.  In addition, he helped me understand the onboarding process in a corporate environment.  Thanks to Steven, I had an effective road map for the critical first 90 days of this new job – and beyond.  I highly recommend Steven – he is insightful, understands what is important within corporations and really supports his clients.”

Sr. Executive Director,  Global Media Company, New York

 “David, you really are one of a kind – so upbeat, dynamic, and professional! I’m truly grateful to you for restoring my hope to find a new job.”

Sarah Eliya, New York

“Steven was instrumental in facilitating my transition over a year from one of the world’s top publishing companies to landing a high-profile leadership role at a leading non-profit organization. He guided, challenged and encouraged me through the entire journey – especially, first 90 days in my new role. Steven’s unique approach to helping me envision what I wanted – and positioning me to get there – was invaluable. His skill is apparent the moment you meet him, and will undoubtedly result in a successful outcome for anyone in transition.”

Director of Special Events, Leading Non-Profit Organization

“Making the transition from being a long-time NYC-based media executive to an international consultant required a great deal of assessing, planning, and soul-searching. I could not have asked for a better partner through this momentous life change than Steve Yorra. Not only was Steve adept at evaluating my skills and helping me to craft my message, the intangibles are what set him apart. He was concerned about the total life picture —  helping me to define a new path and know myself better after a shattering layoff, providing encouragement and advocacy when I needed it most. Steve continues to be an important part of my support system, acting as a sounding board and helping to fine-tune my narrative as new opportunities arise.”

Michael Gaylord, Digital Media Consultant, Madrid