It’s all about positioning yourself for success.

Whether beginning a career, advancing to a new role, looking to make a change, or starting a new job – we help clients identify their unique value, envision what they want next, and position themselves so they stand out and achieve their goals.

We have worked with hundreds of executives and professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds including entertainment, advertising and media, retail and fashion, financial services, and consumer products. Regardless of level or experience, they all share one thing in common – each has a distinctive value that only they can bring to the table, in addition to their experience, education and skills.

Just like brands with advertising campaigns that engage, connect and position their value to attract customers, Personal Core Branding SM  helps clients illuminate and showcase the same thing with prospective employers. We craft compelling stories and messaging, consistently delivered and showcased – from resume, cover letter, using social media, when networking and interviewing, to negotiating the final offer.


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