You’ve got to manage your career –  before it manages you.

Today’s economic reality means that complacency is not an option. Our clients are motivated performers who look to us to help them optimize their new or current role, advance to a more senior role, or make a transition to a new career path .

For senior executives beginning a new job, successfully navigating the first 90 days can make or break their career. We’ve helped clients not only land a job, but hit the ground running with an Acclimation Plan using our marketing consulting services. It includes clearly defined goals, objectives and a roadmap to gain credibility, build trust, and successfully navigate a new environment.

Our corporate, strategic marketing and branding expertise makes us uniquely qualified to provide additional marketing consulting services for clients in the following ways:

– strategic market planning
– business plan development
– OD consulting
– website copy development for consultants/new businesses
– marketing presentations
– financial advisory/investor presentations
– business development presentations

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