executive coaching

The Illumination Group is an executive and career coaching consultancy. We help people communicate, collaborate and innovate, so they and their organizations can shine.

What makes our coaching distinctive? Illuminated PerformanceSM is our proprietary approach that helps talented people connect with who they are at their core and the value they bring to others, so they are more effective at what they do. It is also a key element to helping organizations navigate change, strengthen engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

Drawing inspiration from and applying the principles of emotional intelligence, branding, music and design, Illuminated PerformanceSM provides people with tools to be more self-aware, intentional and aligned with their strengths, career goals and organizational needs. As a result, they become energized and better positioned to accelerate their performance – creating more value, having greater impact, delivering stronger results for themselves and ROI for their organizations. We help:

  • Senior Executives & High Potential Talent – strengthen and accelerate leadership, impact and performance
  • Creative Professionals – successfully transition into a new role, job or career
  • Business Professionals – launch or build their personal brand and business

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Steven Yorra   David Lees
Co-Founders, The Illumination Group